When Bataan police officer MARIANO was assigned as a convoy escort for a narco-list vice mayor headed to a press conference that could shake the entire Philippine government, she knew it would be a dangerous mission. However, she did not expect her own fellow cops to rub them out and shoot everyone dead in an attempt to stop the release of any damning information by the vice mayor. As the sole survivor of the rubout, a battered-and-bruised Mariano flees to the Bataan wilderness to avoid the clean-up party and to have a chance at shedding truth to what really happened. With the harsh wilds ahead of her and a police squad hot on her trail, Mariano must run and hide if she wants to live. While in the middle of nowhere, Mariano meets a young native girl, NAWI, who has the know-how to not only survive, but live in the wilderness. Thanks to Nawi’s help, Mariano may have just found a sliver of hope to make it out of the ordeal and tell her story. The cops hunting her down, however, are ruthless and will stop at nothing to ensure there are no witnesses left, even if it means involving Nawi and her family who have already been suffering the injustices against indigenous people by the authorities their whole lives. Fight or flight – Mariano must decide if she should escape with the truth or stand her ground to protect the brave girl who helped her. Set in the historical Bataan trail that took the lives of so many Filipino and American soldiers during the World War 2 Death Match, ARISAKA is a modern-day survival story of a woman who will push herself to the limit for truth and freedom.



Mikhail Red

Maja Salvador
Mon Confiado